Scentsy Laundry 

I am a huge fan of our laundry stuff. I have suffered most of my life from severe skin allergies to many detergents. Hotel rooms have resulted in hospital visits. Eczema and psoriasis are battles of my lifetime. 

But I have Scentsy laundry a try. And nothing. No reactions! The soap the washer whiffs and dryer disks none have bothered me. That’s not only why I love it. I love going to ride and at the barn having people comment I smell good. I love that clean clothes pulled out of the drawer smell still weeks later.

I love that its economic. The laundry soap costing the same per medium load as the pod based detergent I used before. 

Our laundry line will be getting a new updated look and a new product! Scentsy conditioner is a new addition. But like anything Scentsy does its one of the best. Unlike many brands this conditioner is SAFE to use on your technical fabrics! Check it out September 1st 2015 

Never tried Scentsy laundry before? Contact me for a sample! 

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