Thank you so much for visiting my Scentsy page! I became a Scentsy Independent Consultant in 2012 and since then my business has become more than I ever imagined. I have made friends, traveled, and gotten more from my business than I ever hoped for.

Why did I choose Scentsy? I loved the products, and I missed the connections with people that I had when I owned a retail business. What have I found by selling Scentsy? Well financially it has been a huge help- paying bills, allowing vacations to happen and allowing me to return to school. I have made friends, some of my best friends are my Scentsy Sisters. I have traveled, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and now this year Vegas. Three places I had never been before that my business paid for and allowed me to visit. Motivation, I have had the opportunity to hear some of the best speakers in the world such as Brene Brown.

Scentsy has brought a lot to my life. Friends, vacations, motivation. It has also allowed me to continue my education as I am now starting graduate work in History. Something that would not have been possible without the help of my Scentsy Family Business.

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