I know it’s not even Christmas yet but I can’t wait to talk about this warmer! Stargazer is an amazing new warmer coming January first. Each one gives its own individual display reminiscent of stars or fireworks. When off the reflective silver finish is seen. 
$60 minus 10%. I am taking preorders for this warmer to be ordered January first. 

Attention Photographers!

August’s Warmer of the month is just for you! This GORGEOUS antique styled camera lights up! Perfect for the photographer or those who like a touch of the antique in their decor.13606663_10154391936211108_6783604243951927330_n

World Traveller- our Scent Of the Month is a lovely scent that borders on the men’s line but is sweetened up fruit to make it appeal to all. Contact me for a free sample!

Don’t forget that it’s August and that means almost the ENTIRE catalog is 10% off!


Bring Back My Bar

IT’S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR! That’s right Bring Back My Bar is back and BIGGER and BETTER than EVER. Not only 20 bars but now there’s 25!

Check out my Facebook page to see me smelling all the BBMB goodness.


Check out this video to see what I’ve come up with to help those of you in the Saskatoon area. Contact me to see how I can help you save on your purchase of BBMB!

Road Less Travelled and Pacific Daydream

WOW this warmer has had such a response it was OUT OF STOCK within one day! If you want one I can still order- it just will be several months to wait for it- many more are on order to fill the demand but each warmer is completely hand painted so this takes time to produce!

The scent of the month Pacific Daydream is fabulous- lime, coconut and pineapple with some beach salt and sugar.


Color Your World with Scentsy

I LOVE coloring. I was so happy to jump on this hot ‘trend’ of adult coloring and pick up my previous artistic tools.

Now I get to do this with a warmer. Best part- you can ERASE IT! Color with Sharpies, and correct mistakes or down the road erase it and recolor it again by using rubbing alcohol.

10% off for the month of April.

Want to try the scent? I have samples on hand for you to try!