September Join Specials

For September only you can join with our essentials kit for only $64!

A best-selling warmer

• 80+ scented mini testers

• Catalogues

• Order forms

• 3 months of their Personal Website (PWS) FREE

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We have a fun dynamic group of consultants across Canada. Support and training provided.


Join in January 

Do you love Scentsy? Could you use some extra $$? Are you looking for something that is all yours? Why not start the year off with your own business? I’d love for you to join my team, we are supportive active consultants who have Scentsy businesses of all types. Some of us sell lots; some sell less, some build teams, some don’t focus on that. Some of us do lots of parties! Some of us do our business mostly online. There are many ways to run your own Scentsy business!! Contact me for details. In January there are two lot sizes to cjoose@from. Incest more or incest less either way you get all the tools needed to start your own business! #joinmyteam #supportprovided #newyearnewbusiness #newopportunities