Disney Tips

WOW! What a week this was! We got to have an entire day at Disney with some early access. Although I tried to look up “Disney for adults” tips I feel like I really didn’t get any that helped. Thank goodness for my Scentsy sisters we sorted out a few different tips that I think were invaluable.


TIP #1

Take advantage of Fastpass. It comes with the photo pass (we did not know this for a while and missed out). You can book 1 fast pass when you get into the park it’s $10 and lasts all day. Get into the gates pick your top ride that’s available and pick a time. Go do some other easier to get on rides until closer to that time. You won’t be able to pick a second fast pass ride until closer to the first. If you are going to leave for a bit BOOK SOME FAST PASS rides before you come back. By supper time there will not be any fast passes left. We ended up fast passing on about 4 of our top rides and in total did 11 rides in one day. It was awesome!

TIP #2

Use your fast pass to book restaurant reservations- but book early. We didn’t and missed out. Book a time in the morning or you’ll miss out. Don’t make a reservation? Corner Cafe is a must try because it has great sandwiches, prices are good and the bakery goods are amazing, check out this cupcake!


TIP #3

Take the afternoon off if you’re going in the summer. We left about 2pm and came back about 7pm. That break was perfect. We had Scentsy general session but it was about the point I was getting hot and cranky. A lunch break then would work well too. By 7pm  most of the park was in shade and it was LOVELY.

TIP #4

Try the new rides. Indiana Jones was our favorite, we also did the new Star Wars. They were both amazing. We did some awsome nostalgia rides too- Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, and Peter Pan were also fun.

IMG_9157 IMG_9154








TIP #5

California Adventure closes at 10, Disneyland at midnight. Wish we had realized that because we would have gotten some Adventure rides in such as the Incredibles rollercoaster and the cars rides. Both of those looked awesome.

TIP #6

BUY THE EARS. I didn’t get it until I was there, but took a leap and got some ears and wore them my entire time. Everyone is wearing them and it’s fun!


TIP #7

Stop in at the first store when you get into Disney and ask for a 1st Visit Pin. We ended up with three pins and you get some extra attention when you wear it. There are pins for birthdays etc as well!




Most of all- have fun! Use the app, get the photos with the characters and enjoy yourself! Also- SUNSCREEN 🙂



Scentsy Tip!

Need a new bulb and don’t know what size bulb you need? Usually I can find out for you but there is a super easy way to find out! It’s on the bottom of your Scentsy warmer. It is important to utilize the correct bulb so that your wax melts properly.


The New Difffuser

My diffuser showed up yesterday and I couldn’t wait even though it was midnight when i got home to go into my box of goodies from Reunion. First off- Scentsy is SO generous to us consultants. The amount of things our ‘goodie box’ from Reunion has is always a value that makes my jaw drop. And then for them to also give me a diffuser- amazing company!


So of course we had to fill that diffuser up- slap some oil in there (which they also sent me 3 of to try!) and see how it worked! And this is my quick video showing the diffuser my first time using it!

I can order the diffuser now- but will be available on my website September 1st 2015!

Changing Your Wax

This is probably the most often asked question. How often and HOW!

  • On average change your wax once a week
  • Use only 1-2 cubes maximum in a warmer. More does not give a stronger scent beyond that.
    • Use no more than 1 cube in a Plug in /Nightlight warmer
  • To change your wax there are a few easy to use methods pick which works best for you
    • For warmers with a dish- while warm lift the dish and pour into a container. If there is scent left in the wax you can pour back into the clamshell and let harden for future use. Wipe out with a paper towel or cotton ball. Place your new cube in and enjoy!
      • alternatively- while warm- use a few cotton balls (1/cube) or paper towel to absorb the wax. Either toss out, or keep to use as firestarters!


    • for some warmers with out a dish such as plugin/nightlight warmers, or some of the new non dish style warmers the easiest way is to let the wax harden. Turn the warmer off and once the wax has hardened use either a plastic knife or our new spatula ends to loosen around the edge. The wax will pop right out. Place these in our garbage can and they will absorb the smells from your garbage!

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 9.18.26 AM