Scentsy Bars & Oils


Scentsy Barsshop now

Our scent bars are made from food grade paraffin wax, and blended fragrance or essential oils. These high quality scent bars melt in our heated warmers dispersing the scent through the room. Our wax never gets hot enough to burn and returns to solid form at room temperature making it easy to change out scents. Each bar has 8 cubes, place 1-2 cubes in your warmer depending on the size of room and strength of scent you want.

Each Catalog gives us over 80 scents to choose from, and every month has a limited edition Scent of the Month!

Save by buying your bars in combine and saves, 3 packs save you $1, and a 6 pack saves you $6!



Scentsy Oilsshop now

Scentsy brings you not only the best in wax fragrance but now in natural and essential oils. Our blends and single eo scents allow you to choose your fragrance experience with a quick burst of scent via our diffuser. Each fragrance comes with 250 drops/ bottle.


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